Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to get high off household items! Pt 2

Sour Nestle's Quick The sharp, lumpy, and altogether unpleasant taste causes most users to vomit immediately, but if you can keep it down, you will be rewarded with an intense hallucinatory odyssey through time. I was taken away into this fantastic realm where I had to go on all these quests like Hercules and battle the alligators in the sewer people have flushed away through the years, then I punched a cloud, and later on I thought I could play the harmonica, like perfect, but then when it wore off I couldn't. Rad. 

The magenta crayon Can be melted in a spoon and shot intravenously to produce a mellow, low-grade opiate effect. I felt warm and had a pretty sweet body-buzz for about 45 minutes. Each color in the 64-crayon box was tried in this manner, and let me warn you, DO NOT USE PERIWINKLE. Talk about a bad trip; it felt like I was trapped in a giant block of ice inside a Tilt-a-Whirl that had been launched into the far reaches of outer space and people were calling me names like "Fuck-Stick" behind my back, it sucked. 


  1. eh.. I'd rather just do real drugs.

    Following the site :)