Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chicken McNuggets and breast implants share a common ingredient!!

That ingredient is Polydimethylsiloxane, an "anti-foaming agent” that can also be found in hair conditioners, caulking, and Silly Putty! 

Strangely, the McNuggets in a British McDonald's don’t contain this ingredient. American McNuggets are coated before they are cooked, while the British McNuggets are cooked before they are coated. They also contain less oil and fat. 

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Cock-flavored hookah Oooh, look at me smoke this pole, I'm such a bad-ass. I'm at the hookah bar, durrr. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Two great tastes that taste great together. 

Top 10 things to huff around the house Glade, Goof-Off, Goo B Gone, whipped cream, Mean Streak permanent markers, the concentrated gelatin used to make Shamrock Shakes, Abraham Lincoln's morning breath, sulfuric acid, turpentine with dissolved eye of newt, gasoline (unleaded), and model airplane glue (is freshest when huffed in the hobby store). 

Friday, 24 September 2010

How to get high off household items! Pt 3

Sticking your hand down the back of your pants into your ass crack and then smelling your hand If done repeatedly for about 3 minutes, the foul odor on your fingers will cause the olfactory bulbs in your sinus cavities to begin to contract in response. This causes the oxygen content in your blood to decrease, which will intoxicate you to the equivalent of 4 beers. Be careful though, this dude I know O.D.'d. 

Mildew Tea Everyone loves doing mushrooms, mainly because you can use the abbreviation "'shrooms" also you sound like a complete chode. Thinking along the lines of other possible spores, molds, and fungus, I ruled out spores because my only experience with them was inG.I. Joe: The Movie when Cobra Commander inhaled the kind that make you turn into a giant snake. I went with mold, because we have a large supply of that on our shower curtain. First, I scraped the brownish sludge off the shower with piece of broken mirror I used to do blow off of back before I was frugal. Then, I boiled some water with a spoonful of instant coffee, a pinch of Tang, and the mildew. I drank the brew while doing the crossword puzzle on the morning train and it made me totally high and I partied.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to get high off household items! Pt 2

Sour Nestle's Quick The sharp, lumpy, and altogether unpleasant taste causes most users to vomit immediately, but if you can keep it down, you will be rewarded with an intense hallucinatory odyssey through time. I was taken away into this fantastic realm where I had to go on all these quests like Hercules and battle the alligators in the sewer people have flushed away through the years, then I punched a cloud, and later on I thought I could play the harmonica, like perfect, but then when it wore off I couldn't. Rad. 

The magenta crayon Can be melted in a spoon and shot intravenously to produce a mellow, low-grade opiate effect. I felt warm and had a pretty sweet body-buzz for about 45 minutes. Each color in the 64-crayon box was tried in this manner, and let me warn you, DO NOT USE PERIWINKLE. Talk about a bad trip; it felt like I was trapped in a giant block of ice inside a Tilt-a-Whirl that had been launched into the far reaches of outer space and people were calling me names like "Fuck-Stick" behind my back, it sucked. 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

How to get high off household items!

Water Who knew the source of all life on Earth could also be the source of the life of the party? I saw on "Dateline" or somewhere that drinking enough H2O will create an imbalance in your body's salt levels and leave you with a sense of euphoria and impaired gross motor functions. To compute how much you need to gulp down per hour to get wasted, multiply your body weight by 3 and convert to oz. The only side effect is a full bladder that demands to be emptied often, and with extreme prejudice, but you can turn this into a positive by dating someone who enjoys being urinated on, like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Zach Braff.

The blue diamond marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal It may be time-consuming to separate this shape from the rest, but worth it for the amphetamine-esque rush it provides when crushed and snorted. The marshmallows are "cleaner" than actual meth, and have no hangover or crash. I Swiffered the whole apartment, cooked Thanksgiving dinner for next year, and spell-checked the entire Microsoft Word dictionary. Warning: Be sure to grind them into a fine powder; when researching this one, I got 3 Cocoa Puffs stuck in my nose, and my mom seemed really disappointed. 

Sunday, 19 September 2010


.Today almost everything runs on electricity. We use electricity to run trains, cook, lighting and so much more. Thus it is very important that people are able to know where they can get all the required electricity. People are able to tap energy from alternative sources of energy to help relieve the common sources of electricity.

Many companies are trying their best to try and cut down their electricity consumption. A good example would be Google. Google consumes a lot of energy. Google searches require the same energy that an 11 watt bulb requires when it's on for an hour. So one can be able to estimate how much energy is required for the Google servers and all other equipment to run. Thus Google has tried to cut their energy costs by developing advanced cooling methods and using energy saving techniques.

Others companies are also following the same trend. For example HP. It presented a paper to the 4th international conference on energy sustainability that describes how HP plans how they will use manure of cows to power their data centres. The title of the paper is design of Farm Waste-Driven supply Side Infrastructure for Data centers.

The manure that would be used will be from midsized dairy farms. Electricity will be derived form it by putting it through an anaerobic digester. The heat that is derived from this process would be used to power the turbines of the data centers cooling system. The electricity that is derived from this process will be used to power the data center. The temperature of the anaerobic digester would be regulated by the waste heat that is generated by the data center. This process ensures that there is maximum efficiency. This process also produces enough energy to be able to run the dairy farm. Thus one not only saves power use by the data centers but also the dairy farm.

According to HP, a dairy farm with about 10000 cows produces approximately 200000 tones of manure in a year. The manure produces methane gas. According to research this gas is more detrimental to the environment than carbon dioxide. The manure also pollutes the environment by polluting the rivers and streams. Thus HP using this manure to produce electricity will greatly improve the environment as it gets rid of this pollutant.

Other than reducing pollution, this process will also help boost the economy of the farms. The farms will be able to use this same electricity to run their farms and also earn huge chunks of money by selling the manure to be used elsewhere to produce the electricity. The farms can earn approximately two million dollars annually from selling the power that they produce.